Application for your card payment: special terms

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023

For some industries or services offered, our card payment partner company Worldline requires additional documentation. Here you will find an overview and can check whether your industry or services are included.

Cosmetic Treatments

If you offer the following services:

  • tattoos,
  • Permanent make up of any kind,
  • microneedling,
  • Botox and/or fillers

Then you need proof of the technical knowledge of the executing staff for Worldline. This can include, for example, certificates, workshops, training or job references.


If, as a podiatrist, you do not have a business registration, Worldline also accepts an extract from the doctor’s register, which you usually receive from the statutory health insurance doctor’s prescription.

Please also submit proof of your podiatry training.

Medical Practice

For medical practices, Worldline requires the license to practice medicine and/or a register excerpt from the statutory health insurance doctor's prescription, on which the address of the practice is given.