About American Express: conditions and registration

Written by Valeria M.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023

With American Express, we have landed another partner for your card payments. By accepting American Express payments, you also benefit from many additional advantages. For more information and if you would like to register with American Express, please contact our support.

Your advantages with American Express

  • Satisfied customers: Your card reader accepts American Express cards, also via mobile phone and smart watch
  • Online registration and quick activation
  • American Express cardholders have particularly high purchasing power
  • Free entry on Amex Maps including contact details and opening hours
  • Integrated recommendations from Tripadvisor and American Express cardholders
  • Participation in free marketing campaigns to win new customers
  • Contacts at American Express are available to you as an acceptance partner if you have any questions

The conditions at a glance

  • from 1.5% per Amex transaction (depending on industry and annual turnover)
  • daily payouts (after 3 business days at the latest)
  • no basic fee
  • no additional costs
  • free amex online billing access
  • The billing is integrated in the orderbird Z report, no extra cash reconciliation is necessary
  • All card payment invoices can be accessed at my.orderbird.com
  • Only one invoice is required for the customer, since all the data is stored on it

Your registration with American Express

Would you also like to accept American Express cards with your card payment? Then let us know by email or chat and we will be happy to start your registration with American Express. You will then receive an email to confirm your contract. You will then be prompted for a Post Ident, which you can do online via video or live in a post office.