Post expenses & cash withdrawals

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: March 5th, 2024

Please be sure to take note of the following information!
 orderbird does not offer legal or tax advice. All information with legal or tax aspects is in no way to be viewed as legal or tax advice.

In order to provide you with the most reliable instructions possible, our cooperation partner, the tax law firm Buder ( from Berlin, has examined the procedure described below for dealing with the orderbird cashbook and found it to be correct with regard to aspects relevant to tax law . However, it may be that this approach is not suitable for you and your business in particular.

Therefore, be sure to contact your tax advisor for a binding statement on how to use the orderbird cashbook correctly for yourself. Both orderbird and the Buder tax law firm exclude liability for the timeliness, correctness and completeness of the information that orderbird provides here with regard to tax procedures.


Let's go

You are obliged to enter all cash withdrawals in the cashbook. These include, for example, paying a supplier, making a private withdrawal or taking cash from the cash register to deposit it into your business account. You also have to record any theft of cash or paid tips in the cashbook! No matter what the reason for withdrawing cash is, document it carefully and with receipts in your cashbook!

step by step

  1. In the cashbook, tap the minus symbol with the item “Cash issue”.
  2. Then select what type of output it is (required). For example “Delivery”.
  3. Enter the amount.
  4. Select the correct tax rate (required). For example, if you pay a supplier, you will find the tax rate on the invoice. If you are not sure which tax rate you have to take, it is best to discuss this with your tax advisor.
  5. You can use “Add photo” to add a photo of the delivery receipt or the invoice received (required). So you have everything documented digitally.
    You can take up to three photos, which will also be recorded in the cashbook for this withdrawal in the order in which they are taken. If you are not satisfied with the three photos, cancel the removal and start again from the beginning.
    And: Please still keep the original receipt carefully!
  6. You can use the comment field (optional) to describe in more detail why you are making this entry.

    By the way: If you advance money privately, for example to quickly get rolls, you enter the date in the cashbook on which you take the money out of your cash register.