Vouchers: A summary

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023


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A comparison 

There are two different types of vouchers, depending on the purpose. These two must be created differently in your orderbird MINI as well as being handled differently at check-out.


Single-Purpose Voucher

Multi-Purpose Voucher

  • Voucher for a single item or a fixed combination of items
  • can only be used for the intended items
  • Voucher for a fixed amount
  • Items freely selectable
Example "Voucher Flower Bouquet 15€" "Voucher 50€"
Price pre-set pre-set
Tax pre-set not pre-set
Check-out via discount via payment method "Voucher"



All about single-purpose Vouchers  All about multi-purpose vouchers 

General notes

I) No voucher management in orderbird MINI

Currently, there is no voucher management in the orderbird MINI cosmos. This means that you have to take notes about which vouchers have been issued, which have been redeemed and which are still waiting to be redeemed.  
With the information from the articles linked above, you can still work with vouchers in your store. You can also easily track via your MY orderbird account which vouchers have been sold and which vouchers already have been redeemed.

Nevertheless, be sure to contact your tax advisor for legally binding statements on how to work with vouchers in your business model in a tax-compliant manner.

II) Third party vouchers

If your customers can purchase vouchers from third parties and redeem them at your business (e.g. #paynoweatlater, Helfen.Berlin, etc.), then the voucher management workaround described here unfortunately does not apply: Please consult your tax advisor on how to redeem third-party vouchers via orderbird MINI.

Further information

Vouchers are a legally complex topic. We have tried to summarize it as briefly and concisely as possible for you. If you need more information, if you do not issue your vouchers to end customers or if you have any other questions about special cases, you can find more information for Germany here: