X report vs. Z report

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023

X- and Z-report: A Comparison

  X-Bericht Z-Bericht
Shift open closed
Data can be changed yes, transactions can be refunded no changes are possible anymore, not by the user and not by orderbird
tax compliant no yes


The X-report is an interim report of a checkout day. All transactions are recorded in it. Since you can also reopen receipts during the checkout day - e.g. in the case of a return - the turnover is not yet final: The X-report is therefore always an interim report and not tax compliant.

You can open and print the current X-report via [Main menu] > [Reports].

As soon as you close the day in orderbird MINI by tapping on "End day" or you have programmed an automatic end of day, the sales are finalized and saved in a Z-report.




The Z-report is the finalized X-report and contains all the turnover data of a shift. This means that the data in the Z-report cannot be changed, not even retroactively, neither by you nor by us.

When you tap on "Open shift", all transactions are saved in an interim report, the X-report. As soon as you close the shift in your orderbird MINI, the transactions are finalized and saved in a Z-report.

You can open all Z-reports via [Main menu] > [Reports] and print them as often as you need. The Z-reports are tax office compliant.