2. Set DATEV transit account, tip account, and cost centers

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: February 21st, 2024

On MY orderbird > Settings > DATEV details you can define the basic settings for your DATEV export. Ask your tax advisor for help to find out which DATEV accounts are the right ones for your business.

Please note: Changes to DATEV account numbers will not be effective until September 1, 2021, for a clean change in reporting at the beginning of the month.

  • TRANSIT ACCOUNT NUMBER: Please be sure to set a transit account so that turnover is correctly processed in DATEV. Your tax advisor can tell you which account number they prefer here. You can find out here why setting a transit account is important: How is the DATEV export of orderbird structured? (Info for tax advisors).
  • TIP ACCOUNT NUMBER: A tip account helps you to evaluate tips, which you have entered via your orderbird MINI, separately from other turnover via DATEV. This is useful because tips are taxed differently than regular turnover. If necessary, your tax consultant will take care of the correct taxation of the tips. 
  • COST CENTER 1 and COST CENTER 2: These fields are optional for the simpler separation of turnovers (e.g. with different departments or branches) and can contain both numbers and letters. You don't have to enter a DATEV account here, but you or your tax consultant enters an ID of your choice for your branches here. Entering a cost center helps to assign the sales to the correct branch. This way, you can store the same account numbers for all your branches, because your tax consultant or your accounting department can distinguish them by their cost centers.

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