Setting up your external scanner

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023

Table of Contents

Congratulations on the purchase of your external barcode scanner!

In order to scan and book at lightning speed, you can connect your scanner to your orderbird MINI via the docking station. You can also find the instructions directly on your orderbird MINI in [Menu] > [Help] > [Quick Tutorials] at the very bottom.

Set up

Let's start with cable tangle. First, grab the docking station and the charging cable with the USB and micro USB connector. Plug the smaller end into the docking station's port labeled "POWER". The USB end of the cable goes to the charger and into the nearest power outlet. This way, the power supply for scanner and MINI is secure!

Now take the scanner and the second cable. The end with the network connection goes into the bottom of the scanner. Important: You can't get it out afterward, so please don't try it with force!

Then plug the USB end of the scanner cable into the docking station into the port labeled "USB-A Host . And that's it! Now place the MINI on the docking station and continue with the ...


Call up the instructions for configuring your scanner in your orderbird MINI in [Menu] > [Help] > [Quick Tutorials]. Simply scan the barcodes to adjust the volume of your scanner's beep or to turn it off completely.