Security Check

Written by Valeria M.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023

Does your MINI annoy you with a forced reboot every day? If you see a timer of approximately 2 minutes at the same time every day and your MINI then reboots, then you observed a so-called "security check".

Change the time for reboot

You can easily change the time for the automatic reboot so it does not disturb your workflow. The check happens every 24 hours. Thus if you manually reboot your device after your shop is closed, the security check will be postponed to this time.

Why is the reboot necessary?

The security check is set by the hardware manufacturer so that the device is rebooted daily. A regular reboot ensures the functionality of your device. You may know this from other devices, such as your smartphone or laptop - everything runs more smoothly and faster after a reboot and many small problems are solved as a result. That is why this is usually the first tip from technical support. ;-)