Accessories for your orderbird MINI

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023

Time for a level up for your orderbird MINI? Then take a look at what we have to offer and what helps you most in your daily work!

Cash drawer

You can use any manual cash drawer that does not need a connection to a printer or similar to function. Compactness sometimes comes with limitations so your orderbird MINI does not have a separate connection for an automatic cash drawer!

You can also order a suitable cash drawer directly from orderbird. Our cash drawer is 33 cm wide and deep, and only 10.1 cm high. Contents as pictured above are not included ;-)

Order online here:

Charging Cradle

Your MINI has a fix place and only leaves it for payments? How about a charging cradle to place your device on? The charging cradles not only provides a more fancy & professional look. It also protects your charging cable so it is not harmed by bending and plugging it in and out often.

Before you order check the version of your device. Here is how you see which device version you have: Which version of the MINI do I have?  

Version I


Order a Charging Cradle Version I via e-mail for 59 € plus VAT. Write an e-mail to: 

Version II

Order a Charging Cradle Version II in our online shop for 59 € plus VAT:


If you have a lot of barcodes and the camera of your orderbird MINI Version I is too slow or inconvenient, you can connect an external barcode scanner via charging cradle.

Charging Cradle necessary!

Please note that you need a charging cradle to connect the scanner with your device. If you do not have one yet you can order a bundle including the external scanner and a cradle. 


You can order an external scanner for 139 € plus VAT on its own or in a bundle incl. a charging cradle Version I for 149€ plus VAT. Write us an e-mail to: or ask our MINI Bot via chat in MY orderbird.

You just received your brandnew barcode scanner? Great! Time to set it up. Here is how you do it: Setting up your external scanner.


Please note that the external scanner is not compatible with MINI Version II. Those devices already have a built-in scanner. Did you try it? → Use the built-in barcode scanner  



You're mobile and on the road a Keep your MINI close and safe in a holster on your belt. You can order a holster for 59 € plus VAT - nostalgically with our original logo from Version I.

The bag protects your orderbird MINI from dirt and moisture and also cushions it should it fall. You can thread the bag e.g. onto your belt and have your MINI quickly at hand at anytime.