All about your license

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Written by Jens B.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023


The monthly license - the flexible standard

To work with orderbird MINI, you need a license.

By default, the orderbird MINI runs with a monthly license. This is activated automatically as soon as...

  • you create your account on MY orderbird and
  • you have started your first checkout day on the orderbird MINI.

The fee for the monthly license is €39 net per month and will be automatically debited from your account once you have entered your bank details on MY orderbird and granted us the booking authorization.

Did you know?

The transaction fees for card payments are billed separately by our partner Worldline. Where you can find the reports from Worldline, you can read here: Your transaction overview from Worldline


What license models are available?

For orderbird MINI, you can choose from 3 license periods:

  • Monthly license at €39 net
    Advantage of this model: flexible and monthly cancelable, perfect for seasonal businesses. 
  • Annual license at €348 net
    Advantage of this model: You save €120!
  • 5-year license at €1299 net
    Advantage of this model: You save over €1000!

Each license will be debited at the beginning of the service period from the bank account that you have saved in your MY orderbird account. If you buy an annual or 5-year license, please make sure that your account is sufficiently funded for the higher amount.

Did you know?

No matter which model you use, your license will be renewed automatically after expiration (if not cancelled in writing).ody


What is included in the license?

Your license for orderbird MINI includes the following:

  • Use intuitive software that always complies with the latest requirements, e.g. KassenSichV.
  • Be free of worries whether your cash register complies with the current legal situation, due to a constant further development of the software. 
  • Be online anywhere in Germany via the mobile network of the integrated SIM card (up to 750 MB per month). 
  • Free activation of the technical security system, the certified online TSS.
  • Retrieve your business figures and tax consultancy exports via MY orderbird from any computer.
  • Use card payment easily integrated without monthly fees.
  • Contact our chat and online support for questions, requests and feedback.

Can I change the license model, e.g. switch from monthly to annual license?

Yes, no problem at all! Just write us via chat in MY orderbird or use the contact form and tell us which model you would like to have and, if applicable, from when. We will change your license at the end of the service period. You will of course receive an email to confirm the change.

Pausing my license

How do I pause my license?

You are running a seasonal business or have to close temporarily? No problem! You can always pause your license at the end of the performance period. You can find the performance period on your current invoice. Just write us via chat in MY orderbird or use the contact form. You will then receive a confirmation about the pausing of your license from us.

To reactivate your license, simply contact us again, and you can start working with the orderbird MINI again!

Important to know

As long as you do not have an active license, you can continue to log in to MY orderbird, but you will not be able to use all functions as usual. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you download your sales data such as booking reports or DATEV exports before pausing. While your license is paused, only the GDPdU export is available!


Cancelling my license

If you have to stop your business, please inform us in writing so that we can terminate your license. Just write us via the chat in MY orderbird or use the contact form.

Important to know

Cancellations are only accepted in written form. You are welcome to use the chat, in this case please chat with us from MY orderbird, so that we can make sure that you have access to the boss portal and thus the authorization for license management.