SIM card, mobile network and WLAN

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023


If available, you can easily connect your orderbird MINI to the Wi-Fi. To connect your device to the Wi-Fi, go to the main menu on the top left > [Settings] > [Wi-Fi Settings].

Mobile network

The orderbird MINI is delivered with a SIM card already inserted. The network from our provider Truphone is available to you throughout Germany. The cost of this is already included in the license, so don't worry about additional costs! The data volume per month is 750 MB - for those who don't know much about numbers: you won't reach the limit through everyday work with the MINI. ;-).

The data volume

… applies only for using the orderbird MINI as a checkout. The establishment of a hotspot, streaming services, etc. are excluded.

If you would like to use additional services or a hotspot, please use Wi-Fi or get your own SIM card for your orderbird MINI.