Everything for the Kassenprüfung (cash register audit)

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: February 14th, 2024

You have received a letter from the tax office asking you to submit documents for the cash register audit.   
No problem! You'll need this:

Current cash book for a specified period

If you are using the integrated cash book for your orderbird MINI you can request an CSV export in MY orderbird. How? Find out here!

Else you submit your own cash book. This can be a classic cash book on paper, or a program that you use on your computer. Submit all relevant data for the desired period.

Instruction manual cash register

The operating instructions for your orderbird MINI are in the articles on supportmini.orderbird.com. So just forward the link to the tax office. Because, according to the GoBD, digitally available instructions are completely sufficient.

Purchase Receipt of the cash register

All you have to do is submit the first invoice you received from us.

How long has the cash register been in use?

You can see this from the GDPdU export on MY orderbird. Simply download the very first GDPdU export and read out the oldest date from the “journal_entries.csv” file. If this seems too complicated for you, feel free to send us a support request, and we will tell you your start date!

Setup and change log of the cash register

This means the journal of the cash register. This is included in the GDPdU export that you download on MY orderbird. Simply forward the entire GDPdU export to the checkout, or just the journal_entries.csv file. The reviewer will tell you how they want it.

Technical system documentation of the cash register

This means the orderbird process documentation. Simply send this link to the tax auditor: orderbird MINI - process documentation.

Checkout details

Send the GDPdU export from MY orderbird directly to the tax auditor. This is how it works: GoBD/GDPdU export: The report for the tax audit.

Details of the cashier, address/telephone number

This means the responsible person in your company who takes care of the proper management of the cash register.

Electronic financial accounting records for period x

The accounting is based on the z reports or the DATEV exports. It is best to ask your tax advisor to make these subcases available.