Refund from closed shifts

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023

As soon as you have finished the shift in your orderbird MINI, you can no longer refund a transaction. You have three options for refunding after the shift ended.

Book a negative price and pay out the amount in cash

  1. Tap [€] (at the top of the orderpad).
  2. Enter the amount of the refund.
  3. Tap [+/-] in front of the entered amount to switch to minus.
  4. Select a free price item or quickly create a new one for the refund. 
  5. Tap [Add] at the bottom.
  6. Finish the checkout and pay out the amount.

Grant a discount, e.g. when exchanging the goods.

  1. Add the new items to the cart.
  2. Tap on the folder "Discounts" - if you don't see it, make it visible in settings > item list!
  3. Tap on [Custom discount].
  4. Select [Amount] as the type.
  5. Enter the amount and reason.
  6. Tap on [Add Discount].
  7. Tap [Charge] and finish the payment. 

Issue a voucher

If you already have an item to sell voucher, you can use it. Or quickly create a new one from the [€] screen with a free price. Set the tax rate to 0%. For vouchers of a fix amount, the tax is only charged when they are redeemed. You can read more about this kind of vouchers here: Multipurpose vouchers.