My tax number is not accepted!

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: September 15th, 2023

You are trying to activate your Online TSS on MY orderbird and have entered your company tax number, but the system does not accept your tax number? This is certainly due to the format, since each state has its own format for the tax number. However, only the “standard scheme of the states” is accepted for activating the Online TSS. You can easily adapt your tax number to the standard scheme! Then the activation of the online TSS will be a piece of cake.

Adjust the format of your tax ID

  1. Match your company tax number with the standard scheme of the states. Your tax number could look like this: "34/05976349". This example differs from the standard scheme.
  2. Take only the digits of your tax number and ignore all other characters. The upper number will look like this: "3405976349".
  3. Now add slashes "/" in the right places to your tax number to make it match the standard scheme. 
    1. Count the digits from the back to the front and add a slash in front of the 5th. In our example from before the tax number changes like this:  
      "34059/76349" becomes "34/059/76349".
    2. Add another slash in front of the 8th digit from the back. The above tax number changes like this:
      "34059/76349" becomes "34/059/76349".
  4. That's it! Enter your tax number in the format of the standard scheme again in MY orderbird - done :).