Single-purpose Vouchers

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023

In this article, you will learn how to create and bill single-purpose vouchers in orderbird MINI.


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1. Create a single-purpose voucher as a new item

Create a new item, which you book when you sell / bill a single-purpose voucher:

  1. Create a new item, e.g. "Voucher flower bouquet".
  2. Enter the price (= value of the voucher).
  3. Choose the correct tax.
  4. Save and done!

2. Create the item that is redeemed with the single-purpose voucher

Now create a new item for the actual item that can be purchased with the single-purpose voucher:

  1. Create a new item, e.g. "flower bouquet".
  2. Enter the price.
  3. Choose the tax.
  4. Save and done!

3. Create a discount for check-out

You use this discount when you accept the single-purpose voucher as payment.

  1. Create a discount equal to the price of the item:
    1. Type = €
    2. Reason: e.g. "Flower bouquet with voucher"
  2. Save and done!

4. Check-out

This is how you redeem a single-purpose voucher.

  1. Add the item to the cart.
  2. Add the discount to the cart.
  3. If additional items are purchased, the discount will be deducted from the overall purchase. For the remaining amount, you can use your other payment types.
  4. If nothing else is purchased, the purchase amount will sum up to €0 and can be finalized with the payment type "Cash".

When is the tax paid?

In the case of single-purpose vouchers, the tax is paid when the voucher is sold, as it is already determined which items will be redeemed with the voucher at which tax rates. It is also determined whether it is an in-house or out-of-house consumption.