Add a deposit and charge it during sale

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: October 13th, 2023

You create a deposit item directly on your orderbird MINI in the item list.

  1. Add a new item as usual and give it a descriptive name, e.g. "Deposit 0.25 bottle" or "Deposit flower bowl €20". If you are working with different deposit amounts, you are able to keep an overview.   
  2. Select a default tax rate.  

    Correct VAT for deposit items

    Make sure that you assign the correct VAT to your deposit item.  
    If it is a legally regulated deposit, the VAT rate is determined by the item that is to be taxed. For bottles, this is usually 19 %.   

    If it is a free deposit for e.g. cutlery, plates, flower bowls or similar, you can enter 0% VAT.   
    Be sure to discuss this with your tax advisor if you are not sure how and if you have to pay tax on your deposit.

  3. Activate "deposit item" by dragging the slider to the right.   
  4. Then go back to item list > Apply deposits.   
    EN_7.6.0_deposit_06.png EN_7.6.0_deposit_07.png
  5. Now you define which items should be sold with what deposit. Tap on the deposit item you want to assign to a specific item.
  6. Now select the item(s) to be sold with a deposit.
    1. You can choose entire folders. This means that you sell all items, that are in this folder or that you may add later, automatically with the predefined deposit.   
    2. Or you pick single items from a folder.   
  7. Simply repeat the steps above for each of your deposit items until all are assigned to items.   

    Separate deposit item?

    As soon as a deposit item has a different value or taxation, create it as a separate deposit item.


Selling with deposit is easy

  1. Tap on the item and the deposit is automatically added.   
  2. If you need to de-select the added deposit simply long tap on the item in the cart or in the menu itself:   
    EN_7.6.0_deposit_return_01.png EN_7.6.0_deposit_return_02.png

This is how the deposit will be displayed on the receipt:

With 19 % VAT With 0 % VAT
EN_receipt_deposit_19percentVAT.png EN_receipt_deposit_0percentVAT.png