Grant and manage discounts

Written by Jens B.

Last published at: July 17th, 2023

 To give your customers a discount, simply add the corresponding discount to the shopping cart.

Give free discount

  1. Tap the Discounts category and select Free Discount.
  2. Choose the type of discount: "% percent" or "€ amount" and enter the value of the discount.
  3. Add a reason for the discount. Be as clear as possible here, this will make your bookkeeping easier later.
  4. Finished! At checkout, the discount will be deducted from the total value of the shopping cart.

Create your own discounts

As soon as you have created your own discounts, you do not need to make these settings every time you assign a discount. The discount you created is placed in the shopping cart with one click.


Create discount

You can add new discounts, such as a "new customer discount" or various promotional discounts, via your item list.

  1. Go to item list > Category > Discounts.
  2. Tap on the "+" symbol and create a new discount with a reason.
  3. The discount is now available in the "Discounts" category.

Change or delete discount

  1. Go to item list > Category > Discounts.
  2. Select the discount you want to edit and make the change...
  3. ...or tap the little red trash can in the top right to remove the discount.

Can I also give discounts on individual products?

Yes! Simply long press on a product to quickly add a discount, comment or deposit. Alternatively, you can also go to the shopping cart and simply select the product that should be changed.

Important: Deposit may not be discounted. If you grant a customer a discount on the shopping cart, please make sure to calculate the deposit in a separate shopping cart. Your customer will receive two invoices.